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Percocet made up of two main ingredients (oxycodone/APAP) is a narcotic medicine which is only available to be used with prescription. This drug has multiple uses but it is predominately as a pain relief medicine for moderate to severe pain.
Percocet could be prescribed by the doctor to the patient for two kind of pain relief one that it can be used for short term pain which include treatment for migraine, chronic pain, after surgery pain relief medicine, due to medical procedure and a number of other reason second it could prescribed for a long term reoccurring pains. Percocet is taken in two ways, first as need basis and second on a prescribed schedule. What on need basis mean is that the dosing is taken when pain increases from normal routine. Because of the addictive and highly abusive nature of the narcotic drug many of the doctors in health care sector prescribe Percocet on need only basis.
When it comes to handling Percocet a lot care should be taken, and it should only be as prescribed by the doctor and the patient should keep it out safe place out of the hands of potential abuser of the drug. The dosage depends on the weight, mental and other medical conditions of the patient. After being buy percocet online cheap for a long time the patient should not stop taking this pain relief medicine without consulting with the doctor first as this is a habit forming drug and coming off it could cause some withdrawal symptoms, the dosage is suppose to be reduced slowly and gradually as prescribed by the physician. Also in case of a missed dosage, do not do double dose as overdosing could cause serious health issues for the patient, and in case of an over contact an emergency medical service immediately, the initial signs of an over dose include nausea, vomiting and stomach ache and a several additional. After being buy percocet online You also can
Due to high risk of this Percocet, there are precaution and things that should be avoided when you are on the treatment of Percocet they avoiding driving and things which require a lot of attention immediately after taking this pill because this medicine with ability to relief pain also has the potential to impair judgement and reaction time of the patient due to its narcotic base. Also doctor should be consulted before taking any cold, allergy or pain medicine because the active ingredient in Percocet is Acetaminophen which is also present in many other drugs that are prescribed for cold and allergy and could lead to an overdose of Acetaminophen which could in turn cause severe health issues for the patient and even be fatal in some of the cases. Alcohol should be a big no when you are on Percocet because combining alcohol and this drug could lead severe problems with your liver. Despite of all the side effects and precaution this drug is prescribed to patients just based on the fact of how effective it is in pain relief of the patient.